What if…

For my cretan home I bought me a pair of black rubber farmer’s boots. 

Ones to walk the groves on a rainy day, to go deep in a puddle like children, to work the wet garden and do some work, getting dirty on the outside while staying clean and warm on the inside.
I love wearing them, they make me feel liberated. They also got me thinking, what if…

What if there was this magic outfit to wear when dealing with some ugly life matters. Imagine you could wear these boots and fix bad relationships, sort a problem with a client or have difficult conversations you’ve been putting off. And then move on, coming out clean and dry on the other side… 

If you’re curious to see my lovely boots go here. It’s a post from last winter. You could also see the Almond blossom we discovered among the olives that day, that made us feel even more at home.

Stay warm and dry.

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Post art: Black boots, gouache and watercolours on paper, 5.8×8.3 inches.