Things are so very uncertain

It’s 4 A.M., your cold feet touch mine as you climb into bed, I release an unpleased moan as you whisper “you have to go check out the view from the living room.” you urge me “you won’t regret it”. It’s not rare for you to come to bed late, after your DFU* (as you call it), and talk to me as if I wasn’t sleeping…

I get up obediently, half asleep, drag my feet to the living room, rubbing my shoulders trying to keep warm. My eyes adjust slowly to the darkness, as I face the cold window glass. 

I see WHITE! the neighbouring houses are gone, and so are all the cars, everything is covered with white magical thick fog.

I feel like Moomin, Tove Jansso’s character, awake, when the rest of the world is hibernating. A blissful emptiness washes over me, I’m in peace, I’m not afraid – after all you are here with me.

“All things are so very uncertain, and that’s exactly what makes me feel reassured,”

Too-ticky, trying to comfort the lost and frightened Moomintroll under the otherworldly light of the aurora borealis.

(*)”DFU – deceptive free time unit: which is the area between when I think I should go to bed and decide to poke in one more thing and when I actually go to bed like 3 our later and that’s when I get most of the work done in my life both personal and professional.”Ian Hubert is an independet filmmaker known for his hilarious and highly entertaining educational Lazy Tutorials on YouTube

Post art: Top: wintery wordless journaling, post body: winter Illustration of “What you need to be warm” a poem to raise funds for UNHCR by Neil Gaiman