The picker’s tale

The Child Within #19

Merav Harel, Interior designer

This story is coloured with umber brown (which is my favourite in the palette), with a chilly winter breeze and the smell of wet soil after a rainy day. In the opening scene, a grandmother (grandma Zehava) and a five year old child (Merav), walk through a large field. The set includes black soil, puddles, and batches of daffodils. They are talking and picking shiny, wet, wild mushrooms for lunch. Grandma is sharing family memories from Poland while passing on to her granddaughter the old wisdom of knowing to differ the poisonous from the good mushrooms. The closing scene, back at grandma’s house ends with a boiling bowl of mushroom soup.

With bright eyes and vast knowledge, Merav walks me through a fairytale. A world where busy nature life occurs, stunning colourful butterflies fly around, snakes digest their prey, and rabbits run wild. All of these inspire her designs and art. So when you browse her site and notice this beautiful shade of brown, think of the dry cracked soil it was inspired by.

Grandma Zehava never met my grandma Fira, although I’m sure they could swap some recipes and chat. You can download Zehava’s Wild mushroom soup as delivered by Merav and warm your winter eves.


Post art: Merav Harel, Digital portrait painting | Mushrooms (Valvariells Specios), Gouache on handmade paper, A6.