The best I can do right now

“Once upon a time there was a poor Chinese man who slept on the street living from hand to mouth. On days he managed to earn some coin, he would go to the market and ask the fisherman for half a fish.
With the rest of the money he would buy the most beautiful flower he could find and keep it next to him, to have something to live for.”

This was the story C. told me, as we talked about making art in times like these. Everything seems to be falling apart for so many people, many struggle for income, others fight for democracy, and me?
I’m painting…

While creating a piece to accompany a remake of an old Israeli song (‘Laila’ – meaning night in Hebrew), from a time when things seemed simpler, it dawned on me – my job is nurturing the flower.
That is my part. That’s the best thing I can do right now.

I’m painting to awaken the love and tenderness buried deep within us, I’m painting to remember life is worthy and beautiful.
Some go out and fight on the streets to bring change, and others like me, shine a light on the good so we will remember what we’re fighting for…

“we can’t fight for joy unless we know joy”

Brene Brown

Photos and sketches from the work process for ‘Laila’

Moon illustration
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