I’m here to slow you down

I’m on team SLOW. 

Real-time rhythm, a closer, patient view, hesitant moves, attention to details. Little miracles show themselves when you don’t rush them.

We only noticed it after we ate most of the strawberries. A soft big strawberry leaf was placed on the bottom of the box, cradling the last strawberry tenderly. Someone took the time to do this little gesture, that made the whole experience special, and the fruits sweeter. Farmers appreciate the essence of time for wonders to happen, and so do I.

Out of the vast emptiness of the white paper, slowly, with hesitation, a painting is carved. The brush is searching for the outlines, colours are being picked, layers laid, little happy accidents happen. Time stretches slowly…

“When people look slowly … they make discoveries.”

Slow Art Day website (yes, there is such a place)

I’m here to slow you down. Fast forwarding is on you, but if you stick around and take the time, you may discover the peacefulness in giving yourself completely to the process. As a recovering relentless doer, I have to warn you, you might just fall in love with the deep quiet joy of S-L-O-W.

Post art: Strawberry and leaf, Gouache on paper.