I’m Dalit, an introvert illustration artist who is at her best when at home. On this internet island, I share illustrated glimpses into moments of my adventures going nowhere. I find beauty in the ordinary and sweetness in the smallest of things.
If you are anything like me, I think you’ll like it here.


After years of honing my design skills and artistic talents to suit my clients’ projects, I needed some space for me (a room of my own, so to speak). I was professionally burned out and miserable but couldn’t find the strength to change things until I upgraded myself to my own client list. I made a client folder for myself and names it “VIC”—Very Important Client— This title, later became the name of this blog. Here, I’ve been free to appreciate, imagine and exist for me.

You and VIC
I’d like to invite you to do the same, Make VIC yours. Have a coffee break with me over a post, discuss a good book, philosophize about life, and celebrate the ordinary. You can pick up and start with any post.

Want some illustration magic?
Download free illustrated art and become my very important client. VIC members also get 5% off all my commissioned artwork and original illustrations.


Where can we connect?
My favourite social media is instagram
I also enjoy being inspired on pinterest
Email me – I love hearing from you
Check out my portfolio, be inspired by work I’ve done for private and business clients. Let’s brainstorm on what I can do for you.
Shop my room illustrations on Society6

Happy to have you here.

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Post art: all post illustrations are from my freebie – download it here

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  1. elinor tal

    well done dalit

  2. daltmin

    Thanks Elinor!

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