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My name is Dalit, I am a graphics designer and an illustrator. In my studio, dio-olamot (meaning “ink-worlds” in Hebrew), I design for a variety of clients for over 20 years. I live and work in a little city near TLV in “Crazy Land,” as I call it.  So you’re asking, “Who is VIC?”

For years, I have been taming my talent so as to suit my clients’ journeys. My own wishes, desires and dreams were constantly being pushed aside by those of others. So to create some space for me, I decided to add myself to my client list as a VIClient, which became VIC. I actually added a folder on my computer with the title VIC, I scheduled time for this new client VIC, and it became alive!

VIC is the philosopher in me, VIC is my creative department, VIC is a coffee lover, collector and adaptor of books, a seeker, wonderer and relentless inquisitor. VIC is the owner of Villa Dalit, my little Cretan getaway. VIC is the one who dreams and makes things happen, VIC allows me to fly and breath.

I hope VIC’s place could be your getaway. I invite you to take a minute out of your daily routine – put all your “shoulds” on hold and have a coffee break with me, discuss a good book, philosophize about life, visit Crete, listen to my stories, maybe share some of your own, dream a little, and be inspired.

I am open to:
* commissioned illustration orders
* guest posts
* collaborations

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