Red with White Triangle

what you have to do

You do what you have to do and sometimes it takes years for the world to catch up.

“It’s better late than never”, says minimalist abstract painter Carmen Herrera (now 102 years old!), on the great documentary The 100 Years Show. Then she smiles a whimsical smile and adds “a little earlier would have been nice…”.

You can’t not fall for this lively woman.

She created art all her life alongside famous male artist of her time, being a woman held her back. At 89 she sold her first painting, and since then her pieces are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. She is the hottest topic in the art world,  Last Year the Whitney held a solo show of her work. It is fascinating to try to understand what kept her going all these years without external recognition.

Carmen HerreraAs you know me, I collect preciouse moments and she gave me many:

“ You can not talk about art you have to art about art – then you’ll know something”.

In one shot is she is strolling in her wheel chair around this big canvas, painting with the help of an assistant. After slaving on the painting with a small roller for a long time she raises her head and with a victorious smile declares:  “I want a drink, I deserve a drink!”
she then raises two aged fingers, her eyes are laughing and she says:  “Two drinks!”

I absolutely loved her. If I live to become an old woman, that’s the way I hope to do it.