Sarit Gofen

rituals of love – the child within #8

Sarit Gofen, Food and lifestyle photographer

A conversation that started with two fish swimming in the bathtub, and continued to roll with tears of longing, and with sharing the void meaningful people leave, as they depart from our lives.

“The ritual repeated itself every other weekend.
We arrived at my grandparents house early. In the bathtub were already swimming two friendly fish for us to play with.  At some point grandpa took them to the kitchen (what seemed completely natural  in our eyes at the time) and  converted them into dinner.

two fishI can relive those dinners to the detail in my mind. Grandma Eti licking the salad spoon, grandpa Nechemya splitting the fish with his bare hands feeding me and my little sister boneless fish meat, filling our chick mouthes with the taste of pure love.

After dinner my parents would leave, and for us girls the ritual continued: TV watching, with warm fruit compote served in winter, or cold ice-cream on the balcony in summertimes. Waking up the next morning, running to their bed. Those weekends were the happiest moments of my life.

No extreme activities for the grandchildren, just steady regular routine of infinite love.”