enchanted frogs – the child within # 7

Merav Stark, Photographer

“We lived in a big house on the outskirts of the city, to my 5 year old self the outside world was new and exciting! My mother was my partner to nature quests. We walked the fields, picked up flowers and other treasures like mushrooms of all kinds that we used to cook later (miraculously they didn’t poison us). This particular time we came back with frogs…

frogs in a bucket So How do you collect frogs? in a bucket of course.
I was overjoyed as we brought them home, I fulfilled a dream to have my own pets!!
I was told they can’t go inside the house so I left them on the porch, covered the bucket nicely with a floor mop, tucked them in and said good night.

The next morning I jumped out of bed to greet my new friends and surprise!! poof! they were all gone. The bucket was sad and empty…

Since then my love for animals didn’t fade. I have raised cats, dogs, birds, geese, hamsters and others but the one animal I still dream of having one day is… a donkey”.


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