Itay Harlap

first lesson taught – the child #6

Dr. Itay Harlap

Author of “Television Drama in Israel”, teaches television studies and film theory. He is a former chairperson of Hoshen, The education and information center of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) community in Israel and … he is also one of my younger cousins.

This is the memory he shared with me in free translation:

“I was sitting surrounded by a bunch of toddlers. It was at my aunt’s kindergarten, and I don’t exactly know why I was allowed to spend time there on a school day. I was a first grader, I could read, they couldn’t. They were all looking up to me. I felt so mature and proud, as I was reading to them a story outloud. The room was quiet and they were all  listening carefully when one boy interrupted my reading, pointed at me and said “look, he’s sitting like a woman”.

“I was caught, outed for the first time, without even understanding what has just happened and why I felt puzzled and embarrassed. like some secret (that I wasn’t even aware of) had just been revealed .”

When I was One/ I had just begun. / When I was Two, / I was nearly new. / When I was Three, / I was hardly me. / When I was Four, / I was not much more. / When I was Five, / I was just alive. / But now I am six,  / I’m as clever as clever. / So I think I’ll be six now / Forever and ever.
– A. A. Milne

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