steal like an artist

“Small things get big over time. If you put one drop of water into a bucket it doesn’t seem much at the moment, but eventually you’ll have some water”.
So I put my drop of creation everyday and think about Austin Kleon who said those smart words, and about his list of good steal and bad steal in the book Steal Like An Artist.
I believe mine is a good one.

I pick photos on Instagram and make my illustrated interpretation on them. So let’s see: I honor and credit the original post owners, I steal from many of them (not just one), and I try to study and transform their work in a way to be my own…


I do that daily, like a one day at a time program for artists in their battle against ‘The Big Goal‘ – some drops are gathered already and a nice collection of moments is starting to fill up my bucket. (take a sneak peek at it).

“Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us show up and get to work“ Chuck Close

Inquire about purchasing the art of this post: (top image) invisible, Gouache on paper, art size 13x14cm, sheet size A4. (bottom) ask me about any of the other project images.