Principles of Uncertainty

coffee break #41 – uncertainty


“I think of her bed construction that says ‘art is the guarantee of sanity’. I really hope that is true. I think nature is the guarantee of sanity. or maybe love. or both. or not. Anyway. (page 186)

I lose my shield as I grow older. Outer layers of cynicism peel off my onion, to reveal transparent vulnerable heart that dances to the strangest tunes.

That’s how I found myself standing in line to have her sign my book. Blushed I answered questions she warmly asked about me(!). To my surprise she said something in Hebrew when she noticed my book cover was stained. when I noted that she said “I was born here”.

I know.
I fell for her long ago, when I first saw her sofa painting (page 190) with the text on the street I photograph a flowery sofa”. She couldn’t know that I am familiar with her story. She couldn’t know we share a language – other than the Hebrew…

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