sisterhood – the child within #5

Ilse Devriendt

If you drive through Kamilari Crete, on the road to Kalamaki beach you will notice a little beautiful shop called Soulmade. If you look a little closer you will notice a group of women, sitting behind the shop, crocheting (that is knitting with one hooked needle in case you didn’t know). You’ll hear quiet talking, an occasional laughter, you will feel the warmth and calmness sweep you as you watch the meditative movement of fingers in action.

I met Ilse, the shop owner, 5-4 years ago when we started searching for a house in Kamilari. She and her husband Michalis, owners of CreteHome4U, helped us buy and renovate our little dream house. We meet once or twice a year, and always have a very nice time celebrating with the welcoming community of Kamilari. When we are away I get updated through Facebook, and as long as I see the crocheting goes on, (in rainy days or in summer heat) I know the world is in order.

The memory Ilse shared with me, reminded me that we are all very much alike, no matter where we live. She told me bout her childhood in Belgium – evening routine with her sister. “after we bathed, we were allowed to watch our favourite tv show. Later we would lie in our beds and pretend to be characters from our favorite show, we would make our own stories for hours. Our mother kept asking us again and agin, to sleep!” (exactly like me and my sister).
“We also loved playing outside on the street with the neighbourhood kids, and always had such a good time”.
“I noticed I used ‘We’ in all my memories” Ilse noted, “my sister is only 11 months older than me so I guess she’s in all my childhood memories”.

cretehome4uDoes this child still lives in Ilse today?
I suggested that the sisterhood and company of women she created around her shop is a natural continuity to these memories with her sister. At first Ilse said “it just happened”, but then she agreed that maybe there is some truth to that…

You can visit Soulmate online shop, or fly to Crete :).


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