Le secrete cose

regular weird

This is how a post is born sometimes, you have to follow the trail of my thoughts here:

It started with the series Big Little Lies, which I enjoyed watching mostly for its brilliant soundtrack.  At the end of each episode I would remain staring at the scrolling titles, just to take in the closing song in full.

When I searched for information about the complete soundtrack I came to know some of the songs were Janis Joplin’s (here’s a little sample – enjoy!). I thought how I love her voice and performance but know little about her. So naturally, I googled her, and found lots of interesting stuff including this sweet quote of hers that matches how I feel most days, and goes along perfectly with this illustration (inspired by Serena Giorgi photo on instagram).

I’m one of those regular weird people.

and there you go – another post is born.

Le secrete cose, 25*25 cm, Gouache on paper. Inquire about purchasing the original or prints of this blog post illustration.