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what do you do for living

Now that I’ve started collecting memories for my Child within project, I always start writing by telling the readers a little about the person I talk to, and it almost always ends with what they do for living.
So much weight we put on this one detail, on this one question. We let it define us and others. Knowing how someone earns theirs money, falsely lead us to think we know something real about them, but we actually don’t.

Me, I write and illustrate my simple life. I offer you nothing but my world – plain moments that make my soul dance or weep, that color my days and fuel my creativity.

And when someone will approach me and ask “what do you do for living?“, I’ll answer: “I breathe“, as answered by famous Kundalini Yoga master Yogi Bhajan.

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Here are some links to inspire you and improve your breathing :
lectures by Guru Singh, one of Yogi Bhajan students; after you get pass the awkwardness there are gems to remember and think of;
some guided meditations by Tara Brach;
and last, as said by Leonard Cohen if you want to polish other parts of yourself – you do it with poetry, a link to some great poets read their poetry on my favorite podcast onbeing.

Be simple my friends, and breathe.