Coffee break #40 ginatBar

coffee break #40 – my wild garden

small house, surrounded by wilderness. My wild garden – marvelous performance of nature, glorious in it’s simplicity, humble, effortless beauty beyond compare.

That’s why I’m swept by this book by Meir Shalev. Small garden moments described in humor and love. I breath it, I sense it. Familiar views: negligence that paint yellows and browns in summer, or splash a hundred shades of royal greens in winter. I read it over my morning black coffee. Nothing more suitable for land labor (except for maybe cold water right from the bottle dripping down the chin). Beautiful water color paintings and drawings by Refaella Shir accompanying the text in sensitive graphic layout and take this book even higher – sheer pleasure. This book was written for me!


neighbors chat in my garden

Unlike Shalev I’m not really interested in names and scientific info behind the plants and animals (which are shared owners of the property, as he describes them), but I do admire nature’s celebration, it’s internal wisdom and rules, and It takes me to one special house, where I am wandering like a child, hypnotized by colorful insects, chatting with olive trees, picking green branches and wild flowers to decorate the inside. When I am stepping beside yellow weeds, they brush softly against my legs as if to say … you are welcome here…