me on fabric

the child within #1

Working around the subject of memory has made me want to start something new here on the blog, I want to collect childhood memories of people whom I find intriguing and wonder about how much of the child they used to be reflects on the adult of today. It seemed only fare to start with a short interview with me:

fabrics hanging to dryQ: who am I?
I am an artist. Lately I am obsessed by fleeting memories, by what we choose to remember or choose to forget, how much of our memories we edit and rewrite to fit the story we want to hear.

Q: where did we meet?
 Myself and I met around the age of 24, I was newly divorced and for the first time in my life I had to find my way around ME, whom I didn’t know that well and I think didn’t like very much.

Q: share with me childhood memory?
 it’s noon, I am raw material, don’t think I even know how to talk. I’m clean after a bath, and smell of soap, soft pajama touches my skin, I remember yellow pattern. Cool darkness wraps me, and I’m watching flickering sun beams that slip through the shades and draw flying stars on the room walls.