laundry line

logic and magic

Logic is overrated. We calculate every thing, we measure and count, we rationalize, we try very hard to explain the unexplainable. We take the air out of grand ideas, we cut open every inspiration with the logic knife.

Fabric CollageLately  I am in love with magic. The magic of deep knowing. The mystery of things that move us, even if we can not grasp why. I see magic everywhere: love is magic, childhood is magic, memory is magic, art is magic, and my grandma, appearing in my mind, hanging the white sheets that I love so much, in hot august noon, just below the stairs, that is magic…

Drawing this post I was listening to Helen Fischer, anthropologist, explorer of our brains when love and sex happen, on the podcast Obneing and she summarized logic and magic nicely for me:  “You can know every single ingredient in a piece of chocolate cake. But then when you sit down and eat it, you just feel that rush of joy. “