Neapolitan Novels, book two

coffee break #39 – Anonymity

It’s been long since I shared my coffee breaks with you. This time I’m deep into the Neapolitan Novels, by Elena Ferrante. After being told again and again this is something big happening in the literary field, after being constantly encouraged to read them (something that always, in a childish way, has the opposite effect on me), I’m finally reading it.

I don’t like big declarations, and I’m only half way through (second book out of four), so I don’t want to review it yet. But I do want to write about what attracted me to this author: a romantic story about a mystery author, no one knows who she really is – could that be?? In the internet age, when all the info of our lives is spread everywhere, whether we like it or not, can such a story really exist?
Even if it’s partly true, and not so mysterious – I still love the fact that she wants to be kept in the dark.

How rare is that?! When everyone write, tweet, post and declare every little thing they do, to find someone who just wants to do her thing quietly and enjoy the freedom of anonymity.