Daddy Long Legs day 4

100 Days

daddy1s I decided to take on a 100 days project to improve and practice my illustration skills. Children books was my aim, though I don’t think there is really such a thing as children’s books… the good ones are great for adult readers as well!

I started by checking my library, flooded by memories and moments of reading in my childhood room , or reading out load as a mom to my kids all the books I loved. Daddy Long-Legs by Jane Webster was one of them. As I started reading it I knew that I was going to illustrate  my 100 days project based on that book alone. My 100 days project became 100 days with Jerusha Abbott.

daddy2sEveryday I draw one of her letters, every day I am inspired by her humor and optimism, every day I get excited with her about all the new stuff she experience as a girl who has been in an orphanage all her life, and is sent to college by a generous man whom she refers to as ‘Daddy Long Legs’ and to whom she writes all these lovely letters. She writes about her studies, about buying clothes or books and about having a room of your own after sharing your days with 20 other kids, small things we don’t even think we should appreciate turn in her fresh eyes to something grand and special to be thankful for.

daddy long legs day 3“I love college and I love you for sending me—I’m very, very happy, and so excited every moment of the time that I can scarcely sleep. You can’t imagine how different it is from the John Grier Home. I never dreamed there was such a place in the world. I’m feeling sorry for everybody who isn’t a girl and who can’t come here; I am sure the college you attended when you were a boy couldn’t have been so nice.”

If you loved this book like I did, or if you want to get to know her, I invite you to follow this project on instagram or on my Facebook page where I upload a new image everyday.