The book Room

coffee break #35 – Room

Breathless and with a tissue paper squeezed tightly in my fist, I read ROOM:  Jack is five. He lives in a locked room with his mom ever since he was born, this is his universe. When they manage to escape Jack meets the outside world (the real world) for the first time.

I could be Ma – A mother, who tries to create for her child a small universe to live in, doesn’t matter if it’s in captivity, or in normative life, we juggle and struggle to make it as perfect as possible with what we’ve got.

I could be Jack – my inner room exposed brutally to the outside world. I know the skinless feeling, the need for a protection layer of any kind.

I wipe my eyes, put on dark glasses to shed the world brightest loudest scariest vibes, and step out of my room.


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