Everyday Nirvana

This post is inspired by the window view from my desk on one very busy morning and a talk by Tara Brach called stress and everyday Nirvana

It’s been a while since I worked long hours, this passing week reminded me of old times when I used to wake up at 5 a.m. to keep up with the business demands, back in times when I believed busy is a status symbol and a must if you want to be successful.

break is needed.
I pour myself a cup of coffee and as I gaze at the garden in front of me a memory pops. One of my illustration teachers brought into class a book by a painter who drew only her own garden for one year. The same garden, different days, changing seasons, ever-changing moods and techniques. I can’t remember the artists name but I remember the impact and the variety she drew out of the same view – boredom (like busyness) is just a state of mind, I say to myself.

The dreamer in me is interrupted by urgent phone rings, stress and pressure are on the line. I listen carefully, take a deep breath, peep through the window and before I reply in a soft calm voice I note to myself I should try drawing my own garden view.