This is my boychik (known to others as my son).

It is 6 a.m, my phone buzz 3 times:
“I am on the train to Lod”
“should arrive at 7:30”
“7:26 to be exact, U coming to get me?”
It is still a little dark outside, but as I sit in the driver’s seat all tiredness and sleepiness disappear. I’m on a motherly mission to bring him home.

his shoes

his shoes…

The road is almost empty, and my thoughts run free. Only three months, so many struggles and victories, so many questions, why’s and don’t-knows – all wrapped in endless love.

In the soundtrack of my thoughts this morning  scene Leonard Cohen is singing with his deep voice: “Love is not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah…”

I can see him now, in the empty station scanning with his eyes for our car – hallelujah!