view from the train to TLV

on the way to a meeting

Love the train free time zone. I  can think, read or stare out the window and clear my mind in the middle of a working day.

This week, I was inspired by a great interview, on creative live with designer Stefan Sagmeister who was talking about having great ideas on the train.

I thought “I could try that“. Something about the movement forward combined with this free time zone I was talking about earlier clears the mind – it could work well.

So as I sat down in a window seat, on my way to a meeting, I was looking forward to having half an hour of creativity!  I took out my notebook and pencil, gazed out the window of the moving train and started scrabbling and writing down words that came to mind, fields and cars passing me by as I’m thinking about this one project I had to solve.

One thing I realised  very quickly was that Mr. Sagmeister didn’t practice this great creative habit on the Israeli railways!!!  My elusive thoughts were berried under loud phone conversations, people running their lives and business out-loud ignoring every one else on the trailer.

Next time I’m going to try this with earphones and a special calm playlist on my phone.