swing and oleanders

where the streets have no name*

* cretan version.

We have no clear address in crete, not in the manner we are used to: a street name, a house number… some simple info you could insert into a GPS (:

We went to the telephone company to order a line. They have to send over a technician to see if one can be installed in the specific location of our house. We realised we couldn’t give an exact address.

We started explaining…  it’s on the road to Kalamaki… you have to take a left turn… it’s a small house right under this big Villa… there is a swing outside… all kind of details to enable the technician to identify the house.

Same thing happened when we had to order delivery for the refrigerator or washing machine we bought, but the guys from these stores knew the area and found the house easily.

The most amusing and pleasing time was last time we arrived in Crete. We went to pick up the rented car. The hertz woman asked for an address. Not like the phone guys, who actually had to come to our house to connect the line, she just needed a formal address, C told her simply ”villa Dalit”.

When we got into the red little car we tried the air-condition (cause once we had to drive back to Heraklion when we discovered open windows where way more effective than the air-condition…) and check there are no scratches on the car, the usual routine. We made sure all the details on the rental forms where correct, and just before we put them into the glove compartment we noticed this sweet detail:  on the section of local address the woman filled out: “Villa Delight”.

So true!!