may - gardening

gardening allegory


before the birds came…

gardening in Vila dalit. C bought a whole set of tools and we are both cutting a little here, tying wild branches there. trying to control things we can not.

we came spontaneously for a short stay, first time here for us in may. the plants have grown wild, although people tell us it had been a dry winter. small grapes are cooking on the vine, the raspberry tree is already filled with fruits – sweet and small, I compete with the birds for them. the birds win.

I play the role of National Geographic photographer and capture in my camera or phone (what ever is available at the exciting moment) beetles and bugs, bees, snails – wild life in action. green is so pure and beautiful I must have some of it inside the house – I take few pomegranate branches we cut off and put them in an improvised vase.

we know how we want the garden to look like – but it grows its own way. we plan and design, but nature rebels and blooms so much more beautifully than we could have ever planned.