every grand idea begins with a wild dream

I am a dreamer – really, I dream a-lot! and I remember…

Once, I dreamed I was swimming in really deep waters, breathing naturally and freely without any equipment. It felt great!

Another time, we (C and me) started a revolution… our house (mainly the kitchen) was the headcounters, filled with workers wearing blue communist uniforms (:

And there was this dream about a women-only event  I hosted, for sisters and cousins – everybody was dressed in white except for one, who was walking around in a red-dotted white bra… gentle female voices transferring intimate details, a soft breeze blowing through the windows and silently flapping their long white curtains… 

I used to write them down. I think that if I’ll ever publish all of them I will –

a)  have the most amazing fantasy book, or  –

b)  be institutionalized immediately.

Now is the holiday of freedom – so dream your craziest dreams!
Happy Passover