happy people

happy people

The nurse told me I have to wait. “Go! Get some coffee,” she said. “I’ll call you when we’re ready for you”.  So I did. Right next to the coffee stand was a little book shop, any better way to kill time?

Happy People Read and Drink Coffee.” What a perfect title for a book!!  Hey, I read lots of books, I  l o v e coffee, and happiness – well, no one can resist being called happy just for those two facts.

On the back cover was the promise of Irish landscapes, distant villages and green hills. My imagination added a little mist of cigarette smoke rising from behind piles of books and coffee. What a disappointment…
It turned out to be a romantic story, and while I’m all for romance, this one was just boring and badly written.

It did, though, help me survive a sleepless night in hospital, well, half of it anyway. I spent the other half lying awake in bed in deep thought about various stuff – happiness included.

While contemplating “what if” and imagining the worst, I promised myself I would try – and I emphasize try (I guess I wasn’t that shaken after all…) – to live by the following rule: Cause I wanna! I will do stuff, as much as possible, just because I want to, and start to eliminate from my life (family, business, relationships) things I simply do not want to do!!

I must say that decision alone, already made me very very happy (: