Greek Culinary

What do we really shop for?

A small and shabby tourist store right on the beach. There it was, “GREEK CULINARY – 300 traditional Greek recipes.” A plain book, cheap chrome paper and a soft cover, old-fashioned photos and not much styling. I later found out that the recipes aren’t clear, badly translated and have many typos.

Cookbooks aren’t my thing, but this one I wanted. I wanted to take home the cheese and spinach pies, the cooked vegetables, the green beans and okra dish, the fish and lamb casserole, the sufrito, the stifado, the saganaki cheese, the saganaki shrimp – the whole lot! So I bought it, even though it was overpriced.

Greek viewI have, so far, tried cooking from it only once, an attempt that required a lot of innovation to fill in the missing information in the recipe. Yet, this inadequate book serves only one worthy purpose: Strategically positioned on my kitchen shelf, it brings back those distant smells, comforts my longings and reminds me that soon I will be there once again…