back to basic

Shopping list for villa dalit:

a double bed,
2 opening sofas,
white plain sheets,
4 towels,
4 plates,
4 glasses,
4 comfort chairs for sitting out front – that’s it.

Are we becoming Buddhists, abandoning materialism completely?  Don’t  worry – we are going to buy them all in IKEA… the temple of consumerism.

We start our new home empty handed: no furniture, no dishes, no pans and pots, no pictures on the wall, no rugs on the floors, no, curtains, no washing machine, coffee machine, mixer, no fridge, no TV, no closets, …this is fun!! and soooo liberating!

leaves on our kitchen_window

stunning window views instead of pictures on the walls

Going back to basic. our biggest possessions here are the silence and slow rhythm of life. who needs “stuff” when we have those majestic sunsets and endless shades of green in our windows?

Simplicity is, as Leonardo da Vinci most aptly described it,  the ultimate sophistication.