coffee Break #27 – Wednesday Evenings

A warning label should be attached to each new borns: “BEWARE!!! THIS ONE WILL HURT”

For a vacation with my parents and my kids, I unintentionally packed the perfect book, “Wednesday Evenings” by Yael Hedaya (I think it hasn’t been translated into English yet). The story in short is about a parent therapy group that meets every Wednesday.

freddo_bloomThis great  book touches what most of us wouldn’t even dear to think: Loving our children it is not always easy, and it is certainly not obvious!

I wrote this long post about it, I stumbled, and wrote a new one, again and again, finally I erased everything and left this one thought:  parenting should be like holding this precious kite, by a thin, almost invisible thread, letting it fly freely in the endless sky, directing it very very gently, ready to pull it down in case of strong winds or let more rope if needed to fly higher.