beetle convertible


The ingredients required for my happiness here in Crete are simple: In the back of the car is my big basket stocked with swimming suits, towels, sunscreen lotion, a bottle of water and a pack of cigarettes. That’s all I need to be violently happy (a perfect description – Björk’s words).

We are on our way to what Google promises will be  a nice beach named Agios Pavlos, just half an hour’s drive on the road to a little village called Saktouria.

A slow ride filled with sharp turns in the road, yellow grass on the sides, squill plants (just like at home), more little houses with vines decorating their facades, and all the while more and more high mountains, whose tops are covered by white cloud-scarves, gather around us.

After a short assent, the site of a beautiful beach appears below us. The rocks surrounding the beach consist of many layers,  which have been twisted by time and earthquakes, creating stunning shapes. The view is simply hypnotizing!

Ag. PavlosWe park the car and walk on
the dark sand. The sandals are off in an instant and the feet immerse in the cold water. There are two rows of banana beach umbrellas on each side of us and a small cafe between them, just waiting for us. A nice breeze tosses my hair around and I don’t bother to fix it. Every thing seems so simple now.

In moments like this I believe  I am able to change and be changed, to become a more relaxed authentic version of myself.

A few hours later, as we head back to Kamilari, we find ourselves driving behind a red beetle convertible (you can see on my Instagram I’m not making it up) . Could we ask for a more perfect scenery than that for our drive?
press the quote below, close your eyes … take this ride with me…

“I tiptoe down to the shore
Stand by the ocean
Make it roar at me
And I roar back…
…violently happy”