fall evening in Crete

an evening in Kamilari playing Tetris 

A lazy evening is upon us. It is so good to be back. A nice, warm, relaxed feeling spreads over our bodies as we open a bottle of Mythos beer and change “mind zones” to Greek minutes.

The only progress since last we were here is that the road leading to our little home, which at the time had been blocked by the neighbors, is now once again open. Yellow dry weeds slam against the car’s doors as we near the house. All the plants* have grown wild during the winter months and wilderness has taken control of the place, which has been left unattended for so long. Wayward leaves are scattered across the floors of the empty rooms. The trees are filled with olives begging to be picked, and the wild, long-haired vine is longing to be trimmed (or at least have its branches styled.

I felt a stranger for the first few minutes, but as I walked through the garden, beneath the chaos everything started to feel familiar again. Oh, I love this place! I really really really want to spend Christmas here … and I know there is not much I can do to rush things.

I tell myself, “There is a lesson to be learned here.” I memorise the words, “Slow down, lay back, take whatever life sends your way and work with it”…

Embracing our desire to create order out of chaos is just like a big Tetris game we play with life; we watch the Tetris blocks as they drop and give a little nudge or slightly twist them so as to fit them into the empty spaces, and when we do that, without too much effort, life’s pieces magically start falling exactly where they should. Ah, and then you have that blinking line!

So what do you say? Do you think come December we will be sitting in the garden wrapped in warm blankets and welcoming the year 2016 at Villa Dalit? Tetris will tell …

* We discovered that the only tree we didn’t recognize until today is, in fact, a strawberry tree!