food for thought, or how I survive cooking

I’m pretty much the domestic type at heart. I love family. I love having an endless dinner table surrounded by content faces, and I love spoiling people. But one crucial element is still amiss – the love for cooking!

Hosting Rosh Hashanah dinner involves a lot of cooking. Being a mom involves a lot of cooking. And I am afraid that … being a woman still involves a lot of cooking…

As much as I hate cooking, I love eating – and eating well (tasty, healthy, homemade food) – So there is a conflict for you.

I have recently found the perfect solution for this conflict: I place my laptop on the kitchen table, put on my earphones armor and dive in – my hands chop the vegetables, my eyes fill with onion tears, the garbage mounts ever higher, the sink piles up with dishes – while I myself am actually elsewhere, encountering the most interesting people from all fields of research, business, design, art, and literature.

In the meantime, around my laptop start appearing baking dishes, cookie jars, pots and plastic boxes in which to pack it all, and before I know it, I’m done!