look what I found

look what I found on my morning walk!

you already know my passion for books: the design, the paper, the smell, the fonts. it almost doesn’t matter what book it is, in which language it is written or if I can even read it. I just love the unknown possibilities hiding behind a closed cover.

so you can understand why I couldn’t resist this pile of books that was lying on the sidewalk on my usual route. I immediately stopped walking, pulled out my earphones and started digging in this pile someone left there for me to find. there were old books, mostly bible books (the kind you get for graduations), a 12 parts encyclopedia and one more –

I picked up this unexpected stranger named חיי המתים (life of the dead – in my own translation), on the inside cover the English translated title read  – Hanoch Levin Poems, that’s it.

A small brown book in a hard non-glossy cover, containing  short, cynical, genius poems, in Levin’s unique voice, ingaing death and there for life… short, insignificant unsatisfying, pathetic lives.

luckily it was a thin book so it was easy for me to tuck it in the back of my pants and keep on walking – taking this one home.

as I plugged the earphones back on, another gifted man was singing in my ears, as if on request, the song – Little more time

“Why do we have to die?
Give me just more time,
I’m gonna make it all right…”