old typewriter

the nostalgic speech

A deep sigh, followed by a flow of memories, the “nostalgic speech” goes like this:
“The food tasted better back then, ah… nothing like it today, fruits were sweeter… milk was fresh – delivered every morning, bread was home made….. I remember the city was smaller and more friendly… the air was cleaner… we spent our days outside…  there were no TVs, no computers, no iPhones”
and here usually comes the one I hate most:
“…people used to talk to one another…”
it goes on and on in different variations, and it is never about how hard life was, never about poverty, never about diseases, or hunger, it is only about how perfect it was back then and how bad things are today.
When someone gives me “the nostalgic speech” it makes me feel sorry for them, cause I know, they are unhappy or bored with their lives, why else would they slander and judge the now we are living in?
I am tired of people telling me how great was the past – what’s the point???
The best we can do is live greatly in the present.