coffee break #22

Yesterday morning, I’ve finished Quiet by Susan Cain, which I’ve already mentioned here.

I swallowed it in small bites, digesting slowly in the quiet moments of early hours. Many childhood memories or ones from past lives have popped up, and even today through the distance of time, it was comforting, and reassuring to see things for what they are, to be legitimate exactly as I am.

The one thing that bothered me about the book, every time I picked it up, was its cover. So I chose to draw the book cover as I thought it must be: completely blank white cover, clean and silent, whispering its truth, no title on the front at all! can you imagine that? against all marketing experts, I know that’s how it should have been. You can’t have a book about Quiet and introverts shouting on the shelves.

So now after I fixed this, I can leave you with few lines that sum it up for me, a quotation from the book of Warren Buffet:

‘I feel like I’m on my back,’ says Buffett about his life as an investor, ‘and there’s the Sistine Chapel, and I’m painting away.  I like it when people say, Gee, that’s a pretty good-looking painting. But it’s my painting, and when somebody says, Why don’t you use more red instead of blue? Good-bye. It’s my painting.  And I don’t care what they sell it for.  The painting itself will never be finished.  That’s one of the great things about it.’”

I wish for my self to remember always, that this is my painting, my painting.