coffeebreak#18 greekstyle

coffee break #18 – wherever I lay my hat

do you remember this song Wherever I Lay My Hat, I found my self humming it while writing todays post…

I’m not that type of girl, at all, and yet I felt so much at home at this little far place, the minute I ‘laid my hat’ there. Going away to Kamilari for the end of the year, going back… going home… could it be that more than one place feels like home?

A very simple renovation is planned for our little Villa dalit (look for #villadalit on my instagram) so we could finally spend the summer there. a friend gave me this book of Greek style for inspiration. The perfect book for me.
One of the authors is a member of a cretan family that wasn’t born in Crete but feels the longing (like me) to a place she never knew… great photos and great samples of the different living styles in Crete and in Greece.

To complete the joy my friend attached a disc of traditional greek music… so fade away Paul Young…