the book last-lecture and coffee

coffee break #17 – to leave a mark

I don’t see myself as a true blogger. To be a blogger is a way of life. To share your everyday moments with others, so not like me.
Then what am I doing here? this question pops every time I start a new post.
I guess I like the mysterious illusion of you, being out there. I like imagining you on the sofa, in the kitchen, in bed or in your car, waiting for him or her to return. Mostly I imagine you as a woman, I admit. I see you smile, nod, bite your nail, play with your hair while thinking you want to read that book, I see you recognise you read that one already, and wonder what is that strange language on the cover.
But more than anything I love the idea of me leaving a mark in this world, adding my own tip of colour to that giant painting.
On that note I just finished this book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, one of the inspiring books I wish I read when I was younger. If you’re not a reader you could always watch the lecture on You Tube. Here is someone who left his mark.