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coffee break #15 – don’t play the game

Finished this one last night, still need a little time to digest, before I fall for a new one.

If there is one thing I’m gonna take with me after this book will turn into a successful romantic comedy – which I’m sure it will – is the strong affection for non-fitters!

I love the story-teller, main character of this book – Don! He says the wrong words, he has no shame, he is honest because of that. He accepts things for what they are without seeing all the hidden motives, social tools and skills don’t apply to him. ssooo freeing!!!

I want to share with you one small paragraph of a moment of enlightenment he is having after trying hard to be “normal”:

“I need not be visibly odd. I could engage in the protocols that others followed and move undetected among them. And how could I be sure that other people were not doing the same – playing the game to be accepted but suspecting all the time that they were different?”

To you, my friends and especially to my self I say: Don’t play the game! refuse to blend! be you own self, be foolish, stumble on your own nonsense, dress funny if you feel like it, invent your style, do what you feel is right, not what expected of you, just be you, cause that’s the best thing about you.

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