Jodi cafe

coffee at Jodi׳s

It didn’t look like a special spot, but it was really hot, and we needed a cold drink and a shaded place to sit and try our new greek number. We were trying to call Sophia, our lawyer, whom we never met, but allowed so naturally into our private affairs like she was a long lost member of the family.

We were in a village called Pistidia, the letters on the glass outside spelled J O D I. (not exactly a greek name).

Although the heat was heavy, people were sitting out side, no air condition. Two women just left the place and promised to come back next year. Jodi (so we assumed) promised to change recipes next time they come and by her accent we know she was an american. As she brought us 2 freddo cafes and 2 glasses of cold water she added a plate with 2 pieces of a banana cake (which I shared with you in a previous post), “that’s on the house” she said.

We swallowed it with pleasure. Sophia still didn’t answer.