my childhood bedroom

time travel

My big sister just turned 50!
In the search for the ultimate gift I realised I want to give her something special, that only she and I share. A memory from the bedroom we shared for 12 years. Our beds side by sides, where the centre of the universe, covered with matching bedcovers which we peeled every night when we went to sleep and stretched again the next morning (I don’t know anyone who still does that).
We crawled to secret caves under the bed, held houses on them (mine had a balcony – I was near the window), build tents with our bedcovers and continue playing even at the end of the day when we were supposed to be sleeping.
I asked her permission to share with you a part of this illustration.

If you have a memory you want to give someone (or yourself), from lost days fading memories, ¬†houses that no longer exist, I’d be happy to take that time travel with you. Just write me.